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About being a Trainer

Advocates Against Abuse Trainers are self advocates who are trained to deliver the course to other people with disabilities.

Who would make a good trainer?

  • A self-advocate who has an intellectual disability
  • Has a great sense of pride
  • Willing to learn about abuse prevention and how to teach people to protect themselves
  • Has the ability to verbally communicate and articulate words well
  • Has a high level of energy and comfort in speaking in front of people
  • Demonstrates open and/or positive body language
  • It is not necessary for every Trainer to have the ability to read

Example of an activity you might facilitate as a trainer

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"I think AAA is a great idea for me to be involved in to teach people to say NO! and stand up for their rights and to assist them to face everyday situations."

Thomas Hucal, AAA Trainer